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The LGU 360 Suite is designed for today's progressive Philippine LGU. Expertly designed solutions to help local government units boost revenue, support financial management, and generate reports with simplicity and ease.

The LGU 360 Suite

All modules in the LGU 360 suite are designed with your needs in mind. Whether implemented as an integrated set or distinct modules, you reap the benefits of ease of use, unparalleled functionality, access to real time information and of course, compliance to the continuously evolving nature of policy implementation governing Philippine LGU development.

LGU 360 Infograph eBudget Plan Revenue Systems Financial Management Executive Dashboard Fixed Assets and Inventory HR and Payroll Procurement

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I'm interested in your solutions. What do I do next?

    We'd be happy to give you more information! One of our representatives will get in touch with you. Please contact us.

  • I need an update to my LGU's system. What do I do?

    Simply go The 360 Hive. This page gives you links to the latest patches and upgrades.

  • I need help in implementing an LGU 360 solution. How can you help me?

    Refer to the system documentation provided upon your purchase or check out the links in The 360 Hive. We also offer on-site implementation services. Please contact us.

  • What is The 360 Hive?

    Glad you asked! It's a page where customers have access to the latest downloads, patches and updates, as well as system documentation. It's a one-stop-shop online for all your support needs.

  • I think I may have a problem using your system. What do I do next?

    Help is on the way! Send us an email now and one of our support representatives will respond to you.

The 360 Hive

This is where all the action happens!
Product downloads, updates, manuals and other useful stuff to keep your LGU's engines buzzing.

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LGU 360 is proudly developed by Asiagate Networks, Inc., an all-Filipino IT solutions and consulting company dedicated to improving Philippine government with practical but well-made solutions that utilize the power of technology in transforming the workplace. We are committed partners to our country's growth and your LGU's success.

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Our team is composed of believers and achievers, dedicated individuals and dreamers that have bonded as one to make a vision of LGU service efficiency, true customer-focus and transformative public service a reality.